I am a multi award-winning photographer and filmmaker based in London. I have an MA in both Photojournalism and Documentary Film.


In photography, over the past 14 years, I have been regularly commissioned and published by a very diverse range of newspapers, magazines and NGOs, as well as undertaking various personal projects. I have travelled the world reporting on many events and communities: the Tsunami in Sri Lanka; war on the frontline of Sangin in Afghanistan; genocide victims in Rwanda and remote Aboriginal communities in the Australian outback, to name a few. Amongst other awards, I was named "News Photographer of the Year'" by the PPY and my London Bombing images have now been labelled 'iconic'.


In film, my documentaries are naturally very character led, uncovering through the personal the immense adversity and challenging issues people face in their lives. My short documentary "Portrait of Billie" was shown at the Sheffield Film Festival and I received the award for "Best Short Documentary" at the London Independent Film Festival. My close collaboration with singer Katie Tunstall for EMI, allowed the creation of an intimate documentary about Katie during a transitional period in her life whilst recording a groundbreaking album in Tucson, Arizona. My series of films for Girls Not Brides in Nepal and Mozambique highlight the issues surrounding girls being married too young.


From the outset of a project, I like to have a strong vision of the work I want to create. I believe my strength lies in this strong vision that is informed by my natural empathy, curiosity and solid code of ethics in relation to my subjects. I relate to people and create meaningful relationships through my work — going beyond the surface and really trying to present the reality that they inhabit. I have worked professionally in very diverse and challenging situations and this helps me to know myself and how to treat people respectfully. It also helps me to look for the authentic and challenge boundaries. As a result I create arresting and powerful images and films that fully engage and incite a response from the viewer.


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