Forced from their traditional lands, the last of the desert people walked in to settle in Wiluna in 1966. On the edge of the Great Sandy Desert, 1000km of desert separate the town of Wiluna from the nearest big town of Perth. In this remote landscape, exists a town with a population of 800 people where there is one shop, one church, one pub, one school, one medical centre, one police station and little else.


The Martu people form the population in Wiluna which is 98% Aboriginal. The community is made up of the old and the young, the traditional Aboriginal way of life and the modern issues that it faces today. Surrounded by a mystical, harsh, and powerful landscape, Wiluna is a small town where nothing and everything happens.


Today after just 200 years of colonialisation, many Aboriginals in Australia are now living in third world conditions and experience significant disadvantages compared to the rest of Australian population arising from historical, social and economic causes.